Preserving Biodiversity

5 Solutions for preserving water supply

  • Install a rain barrel and catch all that nutrient-rich water for your garden without increasing your water bill. Want to know how to build your own? Check out this HGTV video.
  • Keep water clean, especially those vernal pools that pop up after the winter. They can attract unwanted mosquitoes both native and non-native.
  • Did you know that you waste 2 – 5 gallons of water if you let it run when you brush your teeth?
  • Recapture water used. Save “grey” water and use it on your garden. Think of all the types of grey water you have in your home. The water you collect from dehumidifiers in the summer can be used for your garden. Same with that pasta or corn-on-the-cob water.
  • Put less waste down the drain. Compost instead. It’s a two for one deal. Save water from not having to use the garbage disposal and get great nutrients for your garden.

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